List of Main Characters

Each part has a lead character, descended from Jonathan Joestar, who takes the lead of their part. Each one of these Joestars is uaually dubbed 'Jojo' (with some exceptions). Each part usually also has a main antagonist, who takes the lead role of villian in each part.

Jonathan Joestar

Jonathan in Pt 1

Jonathan is the first Jojo and the ancestor of all Jojos until Part 7. He was born in the 1800s, and died extremely young. He is the main character of Part 1.

Jojo was the child of George Joestar, a British aristocrat. He had a good, easy life, but when he was 12, his father adopted Dio Brando, and his life took a steep turn for the worse. Dio, obesessed with ruining Jonathan's life, killed his dog and stole his girlfriend. When Jonathan found out that Dio was poisoning his father to get the inheritance, Jonathan tried and turn him into the police, but Dio used the Stone Mask which Jonathan had studied to turn himself into a vampire, killing George Joestar in the process.

Jonathan learned of the mask's powers and of Hamon by the Baron Will A. Zeppili. Jonathan mastered Hamon in the course of a week, and fought Dio, killing him- or so he thought. Dio survived as a disembodied head, and snuck onto his honeymoon boat. Jonthan was killed by Dio, had his head cut off, and Dio used his body as his own for the next 100 years. Through Dio, Jonathan fathered Giorno Giovanna; he also had a son with his wife-to-be, George Joestar II, who died as a young man after having Joseph Joestar.

Joseph Joestar

Joseph in Pt 3

Joseph Joestar, the grandson of Jonathan Joestar and second Jojo of the series, is a Hamon master and Stand user. As a young man during the beginning of WWII, he studied Hamon, became extremely gifted with it, and fought and killed all of the Pillar Men (excluding Kars). As an older man, he gained his Stand, Hermit Purple, and travelled to Egypt with his grandson to kill Dio once and for all.

He personally killed all of the Pillar Men in Part 2, and shortly afterward got married and had a daughter, Holly Joestar. In the time before Part 3, he became a real estate mogul and amassed large amounts of money. Also before Part 3, he had an affair and fathered Josuke Higashikata with a Japanese woman.

Joseph is a verifiable master in Hamon, being able to single-handedly defeat the four most powerful beings to exist. As a Stand user, however, he is more support than anything else, his Stand more suited to behind-the-lines.

Joseph is well-known for his extremely close brushes with death; he has been in at least three plane crashes, and almost rocketed himself into space while killing Kars. In his final battle with Dio, Joseph had all of his blood drained, nearly killing him. However, after Dio was killed, the blood Dio took from him was transplanted back into his body and brought him from the brink of death.

Joseph is also known for his lack of seriousness; as a young man, he often joked with the Pillar Men while battling them, and after his blood was given back to him from Dio, he jokingly pretended that Dio had managed to possess him, almost getting murdered by Star Platinum in the process. Joseph, however, survived, and aged well into Part 4 and lived until the universe eventually ended.

Dr Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro in Pt 4

Jotaro Kujo, third Jojo and great-great-grandson of Jonathan Joestar, is the half-Japanese grandson of Joseph Joestar. User of the Stand Star Platinum, he is the person who finally kills Dio Brando in Egypt. Known for his apathetic guise of a personality and catchphrase "Yare yare daze" (translated to 'Give me a break'), Jotaro features heavily in Parts 3, 4, and 6, and is mentioned in Part 5. A teenager in Part 3, he travels to Egypt to kill Dio; ten years later in Part 4, he returns to Japan to tell Josuke Higashikata of his heritage and gets involved in the serial killer case; shortly afterwards in Part 5, he tells a young man by the name of Koichi Hirose to try and find Giorno Giovanna; ten years after that in Part 6, he helps his daughter fight Dio's old friend Enrico Pucci.

During his time at the coastal town of Morioh in Part 4, he wrote his doctoral thesis on the starfish living on the bay and got his doctorate in marine biology.

After the death of Dio Brando, Jotaro was considered one of the most powerful Stand users, as his Stand ability is to freeze time. However, he was eventually killed by Pucci's Stand shortly before the destruction of the universe.

Josuke Higashikata

Josuke in his final appearance

Illegitamate son of Joseph Joestar and great-grandson of Jonthan Joestar, Josuke Higashikata is the fourth Jojo of the series. He lives in the Japanese coastal town of Morioh. He appears solely in Part 4, as a teenager in 1999.

Josuke wields the Stand Crazy Diamond. It is noted by Jotaro Kujo that 'it can be said that humans live by destroying. In the midst of that, your power is kinder than anything else.' Josuke is characterized by his heart of gold covered up by his faux delinquent exterior, a mask easily pulled off.

Josuke is extremely clever, shown in his usage of his Stand's ability. On one occasion, he wanted to trap the water-based Stand Aqua Necklace, which had already been swallowed by his mother. So, he broke a glass bottle and shoved his Stand's fist through his mother's stomach, caught Aqua Necklace, repaired the bottle trapping it inside, and healed his mother all in an instant.

He styles his hair after a mysterious man who saved his life when he was four years old; he never got to meet the person, nor does he know who he was, so he decided to honor him by styling his hair after him, which is all he can remember. If anyone insults his hair, he considers it an insult to the man who saved his life, and will go crazy on whoever insulted it.

Giorno Giovanna

Giorno with Gold Experience

Giorno Giovanna is the half-British, half-Italian fifth Jojo of the series. He is the son of both Dio Brando and Jonathan Joestar, as the former used the body of the latter to impregnate his mother. His hair was black until his father's death, upon which it turned blonde. Known for his calm, calculating personality, Giorno always thinks before acting- a trait not shared among his predecessors.

Giorno joined the Passione gang in Italy at the age of 15, his goal to take out the leader, reform the group, and make it a force for the better.

Like Josuke, Giorno used his creativity and his versatile Stand to his advantage in battle; at one point, he turned a brooch of his into a replacement eye. After turning his Stand into his Requiem Stand, he became untouchable by any sort of harm, and defeated Passione's current boss, becoming its leader at age 15.

Jolyne Kujo

Jolyne Kujo

Jolyne Kujo, the daughter of Jotaro Kujo and great-great-great-granddaughter of Jonathan Joestar, is the sixth Jojo of the series and the final Jojo of the original universe. As a teenager, she was sent to Green Dolphin State Prison in Florida, after she was framed for murder by Enrico Pucci, as a lure for her father. While at the prison, she gained her Stand and met the preist Enrico Pucci, her eventual enemy.

Jolyne is a delinquent, having been a member of at least one gang. She also demonstrated a heavy distrust and dislike for her father, as she thinks he abandoned her. She, like the Jojos before her, is also extremely creative with her Stand's ability, at one point using it to turn into a Mobius strip to counteract the abilities of C-Moon.

Jolyne was killed shortly before the end of the universe by Pucci, along with her father and her friends.

Johnny Joestar

Johnny Joestar

Johnny Joestar is the first Jojo of the Steel Ball Run Universe. He is a crippled ex-jockey in the 1860s who enters the Steel Ball Run race in order to find a cure for his inability to walk. He is the alternate universe counterpart to the original Jonathan Joestar.

Johnny, along with his friend Gyro Zeppili, took part in the race across the country, and in the process Johnny learned to harness the Spin- a power which involves the Golden Rectangle to produce infinite spinning energy- and control his Stand, given to him by the Holy Corpse. He used his Stand to kill Funny Valentine, the President of the United States at the time.

After the end of the Steel Ball Run, Johnny married, and when his wife got a strange condition which seemed uncurable, he took the Holy Corpse from its storage to heal her. While the corpse did heal his wife, the disease was transfered to him, and he died soon afterwards.

Josuke Higashikata (Jojolion)

Josuke Higashikata in Pt 8

Josuke Higashikata is the second Jojo of the SBR Universe. He is unique, as he is the amnesiac fusion of Josefumi Kujo and the SBR Universe's Yoshikage Kira. When the two people died together, they were buried in an avalanche nearby strange objects called Wall Eyes, which fused the two bodies together and brought them back to life in the form of the new Josuke Higashikata, who remembers nothing of his past. Josuke gained a combaination of their bodies and their Stands.

Josuke's main goal is to discover his past and the mystery of the Wall Eyes. Personality-wise, he is a fun person, speaking very casually with everyone. However, when Josuke gets angered, his diction clearly changes to more technical terms. He is also extremely creative, using his Stand's abilities to their utmost potential.

As Part 8 is still ongoing, Josuke's story has yet to come to a close.

Dio Brando

Dio in Pt 3

Dio Brando (often referred to as DIO) is the adoptive brother of Jonathan Joestar and is the main antagonist of Parts 1 and 3. His influence also extends into Part 6, and, thanks to him grooming Enrico Pucci, Dio is indirectly responsible for the end of the universe. Dio is the only character in the series who is a vampire and a Stand user; the combination of these two attributes make for perhaps the most powerful villian in the series.

Dio is well-known for the powerful force of his personality; he was extremely charismatic, and able to talk almost everyone to his side. He also has a lust for control; he was born dirt-poor, and resents people who did no work to gain the power or position they have. Power is everything to Dio.

Phantom Blood

As such, in the late 1800s, Dio used the Stone Mask to turn himself into a vampire. As a vampire, Dio gained a number of supernatural abilties, including:

  • Superhuman strength and speed
  • Superhuman healing ability
  • Control over every aspect of his body
  • Ability to drain blood from humans to heal himself
  • Ability to change his body temperature to freeze things
  • Ability to shoot high-pressure fluid through his eyes
  • Infinite natural lifespan
  • Ability to fuse two organic things together to make a living being
  • Ability to turn humans into 'Zombies' (mindless servants) by draining their blood
  • Weakness to sunlight (and Hamon)

Dio was an immensely powerful fighter, and when he was thought to be defeated by Jonathan by a blast of Hamon, he was fast enough to cut off his own head as he fell from his tower. Severing his head stopped the Hamon from flowing into his brain and killing him. After this, he used one of his Zombies to create a coffin. In this coffin, the zombie bearing his head in a jar snuck onto the ship Jonathan and his wife were sailing on for their honeymoon; in the night, Dio attacked, and ended up killing Jonathan with his eye fluids. Shortly afterwards, the ship blew up (thanks to a Hamon blast which sent a zombie flying into the ship's engine), but Dio still managed to survive by getting into the coffin. He then cut Jonathan's head from his corpse, attached his own head to the body, and waited out 100 years at the bottom of the ocean, healing and becoming one with Jonathan's body.

Stardust Crusaders

At some time in 1980, Dio's coffin was fished from the sea off the coast of Egypt. Dio killed the sailors and escaped. Shortly afterwards. Dio found an old woman who possessed a Stand Arrow; the woman, sensing Dio's power, pierced him with it. Dio then gained two Stands (which is normally impossible): his Stand, The World, and Jonathan's Stand, a Stand similar to Hermit Purple in function and looks. The properties of the Arrow also gave the rest of the Joestar family Stands, as it was Jonathan's body that was given a Stand as well.

At some point before his fight with Jotaro Kujo, Dio met and befriended the priest Enrico Pucci, introducing him to the concept of fate (or 'gravity'), as well as his plan to 'Reach Heaven' (or obtain the Ultimate Stand). He also fathered at least 4 children with Jonathan's body, including Giorno Giovanna.

The World allows Dio to stop time, adding an unbeatable ability to a list of already overpowered ones. Dio was only eventually defeated thanks to Star Platinum developing the same time-stop ability in the nick of time. If this had not happened, Dio would have remained the most powerful being in the world; however, he was killed, with his body (presumably) dissolved in the sunlight.

Stone Ocean

However, at least one part of Dio's body survived: a single bone. This bone is integral to Dio's plan to reach heaven; it fused with the souls (stands) of 36 sinners to form the Green Baby, which in turn fused with Pucci's Stand, which eventually evolved into Made In Heaven, ending and remaking the entire universe.

Dio, being both a vampire and the user of the most powerful Stand, is likely the most powerful being in the entire series, especially since he caused the end of the universe.



Kars, the main antagonist of Part 2, is one of the last surviving Pillar Men. He was the architect of the Stone Masks; they were designed to allow the Pillar Men to unlock their true potential, but were only powerful enough to turn humans into vampires. Eventually, Kars did manage to create a mask that would activate his ultimate power, using the Red Stone of Aja to activate it.

Pillar Men are beings that have existed millions of years longer than humans; originally, there were many, but Kars slaughtered all but three of them, one adult and two babies. Pillar Men have abilities much like vampires, but with some changes. They retain all the abilities and weaknesses of vampires, except they also:

  • Can enter a 'hibernation' where they appear to be stone
  • Have an even greater degree of bodily control, even being able to break their own bones at will
  • They consume creatures not by drinking their blood, but by absorbing them directly into their bodies
  • Have special powers known as 'elemental modes'
  • Can use a special Stone Mask to become the Ultimate Being

Elemental modes can vary from boiling blood to creating tornadoes by twisting arms. Kars's Elemental mode is Light Mode: he creates swords of bones extending from his forearms and feet, which are like chainsaws in that they have small 'teeth' moving along the edge at high speeds. These teeth catch the light and make them appear to glow, thus 'Light Mode.'

Kars, along with the three Pillar Men who he did not kill, spent millenia seeking the Red Stone of Aja, which was gaurded by Hamon users. Eventually, in the Roman Empire, they entered their hibernation mode in a wall, where they rested for two thousand years. They were reawakened during World War 2 by Joseph Joestar, after which Kars renewed their search for the Red Stone.

Joseph killed all of the Pillar Men except Kars, who got his hands on the Red Stone. He then used his special mask to become the Ultimate Being.

The Ultimate Being

The Ultimate Being represents the most powerful a creature can become without using a Stand. When Kars became the ultimate being, he gained immunity to sunlight and Hamon; as a matter of fact, he gained the ability to use Hamon, and was so powerful it was likened to touching the sun's surface. However, Kars's true power lay in two other facts: A) He is immortal, and B) He can shape-shift.

Kars gained the ability to change any part of his body into any organic thing; for instance, he turned his hand into a squirrel, his arms into wings, and feathers from those wings into shells. He is described to have 'The DNA of every living thing' inside his cells, and is able to switch any of his cells into any living thing.


Kars was never truly killed, and was only defeated through a cunning plan of Joseph's. Kars and Joseph had their final encounter on the surface of a volcano, the hole where lava spews out covered by a thin layer of rock. Kars prepared to kill Joseph with a blast of Hamon, considering the ironic demise fitting for the Hamon warrior. However, as Kars struck, Joseph intercepted his punch with the Red Stone of Aja. The Hamon from the punch was amplified into the laser beam, which pierced the stone beneath them and caused the volcano to erupt. Kars was rocketed into space, and although he survived the lack of oxygen, he quickly froze. Although he survived, Kars could neither move or act. His defeat was marked with the famous line, "After a while, he stopped thinking."

Yoshikage Kira

Kira's original appearance

Yoshikage Kira, the main antagtonist of Part 4, is a Stand-using serial killer living in Morioh in 1999. He is marked for his clean, polite personality. His actions are punctuated by the fact that he 'just wants to live a quiet life'; he will go to any length to hide the fact that he is a serial killer. His Stand, Killer Queen, represents this desire to stay hidden, as its ability involves erasing all evidence of his murders.

Kira has an odd quirk: he collects the hands of women he murders. After murdering a woman, he will cut off her hand and carry it on his person, talking to it as if it were a living person. Calling it his 'girlfriend,' he keeps it until it starts to rot, at which point he will discard it and kill another woman, taking her hand.

This got Kira into a lot of trouble; one day, he went to a sandwich shop, taking his 'girlfriend' with him. He put the hand in his bag, and a high school student- a friend of Josuke Higashikata- accidentally grabbed his bag. In an effort to continue living his 'quiet life', he killed the student, but in his hurry to leave the scene of the crime, he accidentally left a button off his suit on the ground. Josuke found this button, and Jotaro managed to track Kira down.

In a desperate escape, Kira went to the user of a Stand named Cinderella, which had the ability to swap people's faces and appearances. He took a random man, killed him, threatened Cinderella into swapping their faces, killed Cinderella, and stole the man's indentity. He then tried to assimilate into the man's life with his wife and son. The wife suspected nothing, but the son did.

Then, Kira's father, who had possession of a Stand Arrow, stabbed Kira with the arrow, granting him a new Stand ability, Bite The Dust. Using this ability, he almost defeated Josuke, Jotaro, and their group, but Jotaro managed to stop time just soon enough and beat Kira half to death.

Even though he survived the beating, Kira had fallen in the middle of a street. During the fight, a random woman had called an ambulance thanks to the colateral damage, and as Kira laid on the floor, the ambulance accidentally backed over his head, killing him instantly.



Diavolo- a name meaning 'Devil" in Italian- was the main leader of the gang Passione, prior to Giorno Giovanna's takeover of the gang, as well as the main villain of Part 5. He was extremely protective of his identity, going so far as murdering anybody who even attempted to discover or expose his identity. His Stand, King Crimson, allows him to do this without much difficulty, as he can delete entire sections of time.

Not much is known of Diavolo; he had an abusive childhood, founded and started Passione at some point, and fathered at least one child, a woman named Trish. He at one point hired a group which included Giorno Giovanna to bring this daughter to him, in order to kill her and remove any trace of his existance. This, however, was his undoing, as it allowed this group to eventually discover him.

In his final battle with the gang, Diavolo attempted to obtain a Stand Arrow in otder to evolve his Stand to an even more powerful form; however, Giorno managed to get the arrow first, and used the evolved form of his Stand to kill Diavolo.

Enrico Pucci

Pucci's original appearance

Father Enrico Pucci, a priest and main villain of Part 6, is the man who, using a plan orchestrated by Dio Brando, created the Ultimate Form of his Stand, and in doing so reset and remade the universe.

Trained as priest from a young age, Pucci met Dio Brando in Egypt sometime in 1987. The two formed a close bond, and Dio taught Pucci about his idea of 'fate,' or gravity: that everything has a destiny, and everything is bound to happen. Pucci was also told of Dio's technique to evolve the Ultimate Stand; as such, Pucci believed that he was destined to 'reach heaven,' or gain the ultimate Stand.

However, in order to learn the full details of this plan, he needed Dio's Diary. There was a problem, though; Jotaro Kujo had discovered Dio's Diary shortly after defeating him, read the contents, and utterly destroyed the book. Pucci's Stand allows him to read memories; all he needed to do was lure Jotaro to the prison where he worked, which he did by framing his daughter for murder. Once he took Jotaro's memories, he was able to get the Stand.

And achieve this Stand he did; he worked at a state prison in Florida in order to further his plan, as the technique required two things: the Souls (Stands) of 36 sinners, and for the Stand user to be at an exact set of coordinates, which happened to be in Florida. Pucci took a piece of Dio's bone- also integral to the plan- and fed it the 36 souls. The bone then grew into the Green Baby, a small, green, alien-like baby with a Stand. The Baby was in the possession of Jolyne Kujo for a short amount of time, but Pucci quickly managed to find it, as its Stand only allowed him to approach.

After muttering a series of 14 words to the Baby, the two fused, giving Pucci the Stand C-Moon, which allowed him to reach the exact coordinates specified in Dio's Diary. Upon reaching the coordinates, he reached heaven, obtaining the final form of his Stand, Made In Heaven.

Using this Stand, he immediately began speeding up time itself, first at a slow pace, but going much faster as time went on. After killing Jolyne and Jotaro Kujo, along with their companions, the universe reached its maximum speed, and the universe reset. In this reset universe, there was at least one survivor of the original universe: Emporio Alniño, a young boy who used a Stand Disc from Whitesnake to give himself a Stand. Using this Stand (which was the Stand of Pucci's brother, ironically), Alniño killed Pucci by way of oxygen poisoning, resetting the universe again.

Funny Valentine

Valentine's main form

Funny Valentine is the President of the United States during the Steel Ball Run, and is the main antagonist of Part 7. Valentine is evil and corrupt, but he firmly believes that his ideals are pure and just, even going so far as claiming that they are the 'actions of justice.' Valentine's chief personality trait is his deep patriotism; he believes that the US should stand top of the world. To help his country rise to power, he seeks the Corpse Parts and the immense power they bring. He will stop at nothing to gain them. Valentine also possesses a code of honor, but this code by no means bans lying, killing, or manipulation.

At some point during the American Civil War, Valentine's entire company perished in a desert. Close to death, Valentine happened to fall upon the heart of the Holy Corpse, saving his life and gaining his Stand. Newly obsessed with discovering the entire corpse, Valentine set his entire life towards finding it.

At the end of the Steel Ball Run in 1890, Velentine finally obtained all of the Parts, gaining the ability D4C- Love Train. He was unbeatable, until Johnny Joestar evolved Tusk ACT IV and killed him.