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JavaScript was developed by Netscape Communications Corporation and released with the Netscape browser in 1995. JavaScript is a scripting programming language that runs on your browser to make web pages interactive. Because JavaScript runs on the browser, it is considered a client-side scripting language.

JavaScript is still very popular and one of the top programming languages used today. Its syntax is very similar to Java and even PHP. Learning one of these languages makes it much easier to learn the others.

Top Programming Languages - TIOBE Programming Index

JavaScript can be coded raw, but there are several new ways of using JavaScript via JavaScript libraries like jQuery, MooTools, and YUI. . In this class we will use jQuery.

JavaScript can be implemented in four ways:
  1. In an internal script section located in the head of your Web page (just like CSS)
  2. In an internal script section located in the body of your Web page
  3. In an inline section located in an HTML tag (event handler) (just like CSS)
  4. In an external JavaScript document (just like CSS)
JavaScript allows you to make your Web page dynamic. For example you can:
  • Validate the contents of a form
  • Display messages to users via message boxes
  • Add image slideshows
  • Add animation

JavaScript is usually coded in the following format:


document.write("Hello World!");


The above code writes "Hello World!" into your Web page.

JavaScript Lecture


The most powerful aspect of JavaScript is the DOM (Document Object Model). With the DOM you can use JavaScript to control your objects in your page. See W3schoolscom and play with the DOM objects using JavaScript.


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