Web 2 - Opening Activities

Server Permission Forms

English | Spanish

Part 10

Hang on to permission forms until further notice

How FTP Works (white board lecture)

GoDaddy FTP Video

FTP Setup Example
School Year: 2017-2018
Student:Oscar Toad
Period: 7
SID: 123456

Username: otoad072017@chsserver01.org
Password: Otoad123456!

Dreamweaver FTP Client Setup

FTP Server option: or ftp.chsserver01.org


NEW to 2020-2021

FTP Setup Example
School Year: 2020-2021
Student:Oscar Toad
Period: 1
SID: 500000001029

Username: otoad012020@chsserver01.org
Password: Otoad1029!

Dreamweaver Site FTP Client Setup Dialog Box Screenshot

Directory Example: https://chsserver01.org/2020/otoad012020/

FTP Student Username and Password Setup - Dreamweaver Client Screenshot - Online Example - Video

* Year 2020-2021, use the last for digits of your long student ID.

Test your FTP username and password

Work Time - Review - Create a basic index page

Visual Studio Code Review - index.html

  • Code HTML
  • Code CSS

Part 11

FTP Presentation - Google Slides

  • FTP
  • Dreamweaver Config
  • FileZilla Config

Use File Transfer Protocol for web site uploads to the Internet

Find your website on the chsserver01.org server

Oscar Toad's Website

Host Options: or ftp.chsserver01.org or chsserver01.org

Computers on a network are given ip addresses


Download and Install FileZilla

Configure FileZilla


Part 12

On Your Own 1 - Web Technologies (What do you remember?)

  • Create a WebTechnologiesCode folder in Demos
  • Create a webtechnologies.html file and save to the WebTechnologiesCode folder
  • Create an Images folder within the WebTechnologiesCode folder
  • Download the images to the Images folder
  • Add the basic tags to your webtechnologies.html file (html, head, title, body)
  • Use the following resources to complete the web page

Text | Images 1 2 3 4 5 | HTML Code| CSSCode | Finished Web Page


IP Addresses - Check Your IP Address

DNS Servers - Video up to 2:30

Domain Names Explained - Video

Search for a Domain Name - Go Daddy Search

Email Your Chosen Domain Name to Teacher (3 choices)

Domain Name Extensions

.com, .net, .org, .info

.gov, .mil, .edu, .us

Extension Release Timeline

Explain and Research Web Hosting (Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud)

BlueHost | GoDaddy | HostGator | DreamHost

Hosting Video