Web Page Design - Class Setup

Opening Activities

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Part 1 - Getting to Know You and Teacher Introduction

Fall Schedule Review
Document: Activity001 pdf Activity001 Docs - Getting to Know...
Presentation: Welcome to Class Slides

Part 2 - Rules, Syllabus, and Internet

Presentation: Class Guidelines Slides
Document: Web Design Syllabus
Continue Document: Activity 1 (Q&A) - Submit

Assign Activity002 - The Internet - Asynchronous

Part 3 - Student Interviews, Internet and WWW

Document: Activity003 - Interviews
Student Interviews Activity (pairs) for Activity003

The Internet

Video: What is the Internet? (nearpod)

Video: Meet the Father of the Internet: Vinton (Vint) Cerf (nearpod)


Video: The World Wide Web Turns 25 (nearpod)

Video: The Inventor of the WWW Regrets His Creation (nearpod)

Assign Activity 4 - The Web and the Internet - Asynchronous


Part 4 - Alternate View of Internet History and Visual Studio Code

Web 1 Video: Who Invented the Internet | Colossal Questions (edpuzzle go live)

Web 2 Video: Who Created the Internet? And Why? (alternate view) (edpuzzle go live)

Macbook Setup: Install Visual Studio Code | Extensions


Part 5 - How to Succeed and Visual Studio Code Extensions

Presentation: How to Succeed in Digital Learning Slides

Macbook Setup: Install Extensions

You will be required to create a Flipgrid showing all installations for points.

Part 6 - History of the Internet and WWW Quiz Prep

Video - Nuclear Attack

Kahoot Etiquette (first name, last name initial, period)

  • Felix Trinidad = Felix T.
  • Cesar Chavez = Cesar C.
  • Ray Leonard = Ray L.

Kahoot - History of the Internet

Listenwise - What would you give up on the Internet? (Web 1)

Listenwise - LW: Debate: Who Should Warn the Public of Nuclear War? (Web 2)

Part 6.5 - Flipgrid Introductions


Flipgrid - Introductions (You can use Activity003 Questions)

  • Introductions
  • Tutorials
  • Assignment Summary


Listenwise - Ada Lovelace and the Computer (Web 1 and 2)

Part 7 - Folder Organization (structure)

Web 2: Install Screencastify on Chrome (Video)

Create Folder Structure (on Desktop) - Windows

Create Folder Structure1-List | Structure2-Columns - Mac

Create Folder Structure Practice

  • ChagoyanManuel Folder
  • LemusMaria Folder (Video)
  • Student Folder (Video)

Angel Guided and Ryan Guided:

Video (Mac): Angel | Ryan

Handout001 Angel
Handout002 Ryan
Handout003 Brock
Handout004 Jared

Compressing Files and Folders

- Photos to Download (3)

- Photos to Compress (3)

Email Attachments (teacher)

- (gmail) - Compressed file

Video - Compress and Email (Mac)

On Your Own

Web 2 - Screencastify Process (attach)
Web 1 - Flipgrid Process (Skip)

- Select Images, Download, Compress, and Email

- (gmail) - Compressed file to teachers (5 images)

Part 8 - Extracting and Organizing Files and Folders

Extracting Files and Folders

- Compressed - Photos (zipped file)

- Compressed - Colors (zipped file)

Folder and File Organization:

Classifications - Animal

Categorization - Target

Part 9 - Organizing Files and Folders


Colors Sort Zip - Sorting Images

Breakout Groups

  • Which View is best?
    • Icon
    • List
    • Column
    • Gallery

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Backspace (exit a folder)
  • Enter (go into folder)
  • Arrows (move)
  • Ctrl-X (cut)
  • Ctrl-V (paste)
  • Alt + F4 (close window)
  • Esc (escape)
  • Ctrl + Z (undo)
  • Ctrl + Y (redo)
  • Ctrl + A (select all)
  • Shift + F10 right-click menu (see context options)

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Cmd + up arrow (exit a folder)
  • Cmd + down arrow (go into folder)
  • Arrows (move)
  • Cmd-X (cut file)
  • Cmd-C (copy and cut) Folders
  • Cmd-V (paste a copy)
  • Cmd + Option +V (paste a cut)
  • Cmd-W (close window)
  • Esc (escape)
  • Cmd + Z (undo)
  • Cmd + shift + Z (redo)
  • Cmd + A (select all)

Animal Sort Zip - Sorting Images

Character Sort Zip - Sorting Objects (practice and apply keyboard shortcuts - multiselect)

  • Shift + Arrow Keys (multi-select adjacent files) Mac and Windows
  • Ctrl + Spacebar (multi-select/delect non adjacent files) Windows
  • Ctrl (Cmd) + Mouse Click (multi-select/delect non adjacent files) Mac