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5:00 - 5:10 - Administrator Messages
5:10 - 5:17 - Period 1 Zoom Meeting
5:17 - 5:24 - Period 2 Zoom Meeting
5:24 - 5:31 - Period 3 Zoom Meeting
5:31 - 5:38 - Period 4 Zoom Meeting
5:38 - 5:45 - Period 5 Zoom Meeting
5:45 - 5:52 - Period 6 Zoom Meeting
5:52 - 6:00 - Period 7 Zoom Meeting
Subject Area Teacher Name Zoom Link Email Course Video Link
Elective Aguilar C. Zoom ATP
        Work Exploration
  Arce Zoom Toad Scholars
  Barcus Zoom Health
  Bonilla Zoom Leadership
  Chabiel Zoom Access
  Cleveland Zoom Access
  Collins Zoom 9th Grd Success
  Delano Zoom Mock Trial
  Earls Zoom Cyber High
  McFarlin J. Zoom Access
  Oceguera Zoom Access | (Español)
  Pinney Zoom Newcomer ELD
  Sutherland Zoom Access
  Turgeon Zoom Access
  Weaver Zoom ELA/Reading
  Wheaton Zoom Cyber High
        Mock Trial
English Aguilar P. Zoom ClBnd Eng I P
  Arias Zoom ClBnd Eng II P
  Bonilla Zoom CB Eng IV ERWC
        Pre AP Eng 9
  Cooley Zoom ClBnd Eng II P
        ClBndEng III P
  Fordyce Zoom CB Eng IV ERWC
  Lucero T. Zoom AP Eng Lang/Com
        AP Eng Lit/Comp
  Pinney Zoom ClBnd Eng I P
  Ragland Zoom ClBndEng III P
  Yeager J. Zoom Pre AP Eng 10
Fine Arts/Foreign Language Aguilar M. Zoom Spanish I P | (Español)
        Spanish I-N(P) | (Español)
  Cortez Zoom Spanish II P | (Español)
        Spanish I-N(P) | (Español)
  Ertel Art I P
        Ceramics 2-4 P
        Ceramics I P
  Lucero T. Zoom Beg Drama/Drama
        ROPMultimed Com
  Montes Zoom Spanish II-N(P) | (Español)
        Spanish I-N(P) | (Español)
  Singh Zoom Band
        Choir P
        Music I
  Vega Zoom AP Spanish IV P | (Español)
        Spanish I P | (Español)
        Spanish III P | (Español)
  Yeager J. Zoom Beg Drama/Drama
Life Science Hevener Zoom   Lab Bio I P
  Lucero J. Zoom AP Biology P
        Lab Bio I P
        Lab Bio II P
Math Fairbanks J. Zoom Math II
        Math III
  Love Zoom AP Calculus P
        Math III
        Math III Acc
  Mora Zoom Math I
        Math I Acc
  Moreno Zoom Math II
        Math II Acc
  Piz Zoom Math I
        Pre Calculus P
  Welch Zoom Math I
  Yang Zoom Math II
PE Berlund Zoom Co-Ed PE
  Bonilla D. Zoom Co-Ed PE
  Earls Zoom Co-Ed PE
  McCaleb Zoom Co-Ed PE
Physical Science McFarlin E. Zoom Integ Phsy Sci
  Sexton Zoom Chemistry P
        Integ Phys Sci
  Woolf Zoom Integ Phys Sci
Social Studies Brown S. Zoom AP Government
        Wld Civil P
  Delano Zoom Civics/Econ P
  Plaugher Zoom US History P
  Rizo Zoom Civics/Econ P
        US History P
  West Zoom AP Wld History
        Wld Civil P
  Yeager J. Zoom AP US Hist P
Vocational Brown K. Zoom ROP Athletic Tr
        ROP Sports Med
  Chagoyan Zoom Web Page Design
        Web Pg DesignII
        Web Tech Asst
  Johnson J. Zoom Child Dev I
        Child Dev II
        ROP Careers Ed
  Mahfood Zoom ROPCul/Hosp Mng
  Spreng Zoom Ag Mech I-II
        ROP Welding
  Rodela Zoom Auto Tech
        ROP Powr Systm
  Voss Zoom Homeland Secur
        ROP Crim Invest
        ROP Crim Justic
  Yeager J. Zoom Multi Media I