Work Station Setup

Web 1 Settings
Web 2 Additional Settings
  1. Unhide File Extensions
  2. Map CHS Local File Server
    1. Windows PC - Map Network Drive - \\fs01-chs\classroom
    2. Macbook Air - Connect to Server - smb://
  3. Setup Dreamweaver Local Site
  4. Configure Dreamweaver
    1. Realtime Preview (Firefox Developer Edition Browser)
    2. Insert Toolbar
  5. Setup Firefox Browser
    1. Default Tabs
      1. Network Portfolio - Web 1 (file:///Z:/.../index.html)
      2. Chagoyan website (
      3. Chs Website (
      4. School Gmail (
      5. Online Portfolio - Web 2 ( - first initial, last name, period, school year

Web 2 FTP Connection Settings

Connect to our school's virual private server to upload your work. Your username is composed of your first initial, lastname, period, and school year. Your password is composed of your capitalized first initial, lastname, six digit student ID number, and an exclamation mark.

Example User ID and Password:

FTP Client Setup

Configure FTP Server Video

FTP Server Address Options: or