Rooted in legend, the story of Moana is more than just a made up Disney story but also a story related to the legends in the Polynesian culture. Moana is the daughter of a leader and her inital purpose to be the next in line, however, living on one island for so long, Moana discovers that her ancestors were once voyagers that traveled the sea to settle on islands everywhere. Her grandmother then tells her the story of Maui (a demigod) that stole the heart of Te Fiti (an island goddess) and how this action raged the seas and restricted the voyages to ever happen again. Long story short, Moana restores the heart of Te fiti with the aid of the Maui battling violent creatures and together they save the islands from complete desolation.

This topic was one I chose because I love the beach vibes, music, and the background behind the story of Moana. The story isn't typical of a Disney film with a love story either so that's why I favor it. I could rewatch this movie over and over and not become dis-interested.